Margate • Sounds Like Art: LANDSCAPES

April 16, 2014, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm – Margate, Kent

Sounds Like Art: LANDSCAPES (Debut)


Led by composer and musical director Emily Peasgood, Sounds Like Art is a brand new innovative project which aims to explore connections between art and music. Featuring new music, choirs, unique instrumental collaborations and the artworks of both historically significant and contemporary artists, the project seeks to challenge perceptions of art and music, examining how music can influence our interpretation and response to art in new and inspiring ways.

The project commences with the composition and performance of Landscapes, an ethereal new choral work inspired by the creative genius of the great nineteenth century landscape painter JMW Turner, and the abstract paintings of American Artist Helen Frankenthaler.

A choir of 70 voices: The Big Sing will perform the piece.
The performance is free of charge and a sign language interpreter will be present. On this day Turner Contemporary also celebrate their 3rd birthday and there will be a wide selection of celebratory events to attend.

Place: North Gallery, Turner Contemporary, The Rendezvous

Address: Margate, Kent, CT9 1HG

The Big Sing Choir:

Alexandra Fletcher
Andrew Pook
Anne Solly
Annie Shaw
Arleen Paton-Smith
Avril Hooker
Ashleigh Ochs
Bernie Solly
Bob Floodgate
Brian Horne
Chris Newton
Christina Clark
Clive Sax
Fran Leach
Fran Shaw
Geoff Foreman
Geoff Turner
Gill Durrant
Gill Vass
Glen Cheeseman
Heidi McGee
Jackie Doll
Jacquie Dunn
Jay Whitehead
Jean Stewart
Jenny Davies
Jenny Scopes
Jo Pearson-Farr
Joe Eddington
Jonathan Moxey
Josie Cutting
Joy Fowkes
Judy Pearson
Julia Owen
Julian Steel
Karen Dewing
Karen Lewis
Laura Peirce
Lesley Boylan
Lesley Ralph
Linda Ward
Lulla Michael
Monica Dyke
Mick Dodsworth
Paula Napper
Penelope Moxey
Pierre Turner
Ray Horne
Robert Hamment
Sandra Mann
Sharon Goffin-Lecar
Sheila Dodsworth
Sheila Winter
Shirley George
Shu Newton
Steve Williams
Sue Flory
Sue Hornus
Sue Tomkins
Sylvia Gilham
Thea Arnold
Terry Westby
Tracey Miles
Trudy Kersting
Valerie Atsworth
Valerie Williams
Wendy Barnett
Yvonne Webster

Musical Director: Emily Peasgood
Flautist: Richard Goffin-Lecar




Contact person: Emily Peasgood. Telephone 07749 115484




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