Kavarapettai • Optimizing your voice – Workshop for teachers

April 21, 2014, 2pm-4pm – Kavarapettai

Optimizing your voice – workshop for teachers


Place: RMK College of Engineering and Technology, Kavarapettai

Good vocal health and coordinated/balanced activity of the laryngeal mechanism (Voice box) help produce a powerful resonant voice. Voice is an important aspect in communication, as it reflects the speakers’ intent, emotion, mood, and personality. Your voice is often your identity. Teachers require cultivating good vocalizing manoeuvres in order to successfully transact with the student in the class. Professional presence, pleasant vocal tone, clear diction, poised delivery and management of time are skills required for a teacher to manage voice effectively in a class room. This two hour workshop will address aspects of voice production, tips on vocal hygiene and health, facilitate indentify strength and weaknesses in voice through a self analysis test, and provide generic exercises that help strengthen the voice organ for optimal use of voice

Performer: Dr. Prakash Boominathan


Contact person: Dr. Prakash Boominathan, email






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