Guimarães • Concert Sancta Viscera Tua

April 16, 2014, 21:30 – Guimarães

S A N C T A  V I S C E R A  T U A


Your sacred viscera, is a convergence of people, architectures and intentions that together carry out a re-enactment of the invisible.

Place: Igreja de São Francisco, Guimarães

New sonic and scenic piece constructed from the archetypes present in the structure of a Via Sacra to be premiered at the Igreja de Santa Clara, the former church of the women’s convent constructed in 1457 in Porto. The Via Sacrum is here treated as a temporal and organizational structure, serving has a policy for the reenactment of the invisible, the nigredo present in the sacrifice, in a human collective action and celebration that accompanies the notions of violence, mesmeric fluids and autopoiesis has means for the mediations between matter and anima.

A vibrational construction of sound, gesture, light and voice.



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