Copenhagen • Open house – World Voice Day

April 16, 2014, 7 PM – Copenhagen

Open house – World Voice Day


Place: Juhl-Sørensen

Address: Brofogedvej 10, 2400 Copenhagen NV

Nanna Højholt

Everyone has a beautiful voice!
But how does it work and can everybody learn to sing?

In honor of World Voice Day vocal coach Nanna Højholt holds open house and invite all who are curious to learn about the voice and its many features. And since it’s a celebration there will be a glass wine or soda included.

The evening program is as follows:
– Welcome
– Introduction to your voice. How does it work and how does it look? You can f.x. be allowed to see how the vocal cords look through footage of videoendoskopi where you film through a camera passed through the nose. And then we will also try different functions with our voices together and hear sound samples.
– Masterclass. I show how I teach through a friendly guinea pig, which has promised to stand up in front of everyone and sing, so you can see how a singing lessons take place from the first row. Are you up for it, you can perhaps even be allowed to try yourself.
– Questions from the floor, then step up and I will try and resolve any issues.

Looking forward to seeing you – Happy world voice day!

IT’S OF COURSE FREE – but you do have to just sign up for practical reasons via email


Contact person: Nanna Højholt, email





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