Bergen • Concert – M. Rodgers & Jamsession: David Pavels

April 16, 2014, 21:00 – Bergen

Concert – M. Rodgers & Jamsession: David Pavels


Place: Madam Felle

Address: Dreggsallmenningen 1, Bergen

Performer: M. Rodgers
M. Rodgers is an artist from Bergen City, Norway. She sings in norwegian, and her music is to be found in a creative dark jazzy soul unviers mixed with norwegian folktunes. Her music is colored by her love for vocal harmonies, and her songs are little stories wraped in elegant melodies. She has experience as a performing artist throughout many years with different bands and projects. M. Rodgers also have a great love for different instruments and will preforme the violin, guitar and the piano to give the audience different thrills and chills.


Contact person: Marion Rodgers Loeseth, email





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