Euphonics' Voice Culturals – 2016; World Voice Day Celebration of Sri Ramachandra University

Date & time 16/04/2016, 8:30am-3:30pm

City/place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Venue/address: Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, India

Country: IN

Performer/s: Graduate students of Speech & Hearing Colleges in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

More info: Sri Ramachandra University is hosting an inter-collegiate competition for speech & hearing college student in the city called “EUPHONICS’- Voice culturals 2016”. 165 students from 5 different colleges participated in various competitions. Inspired by the grand participation, this year our team is all set to host “EUPHONICS’ -Voice Culturals ’2016”. Come and join our celebration of voice!

Euphonics’ – Voice Culturals Events

On-stage events:

  1. Solo singing
  2. Ship wreck
  3. Voice mela – 1 min surprise event
  4. Dub the clip
  5. Acapella (group singing)
  6. Adzap
  7. Brainteasers (Quiz)

Off stage events:

Theme: Explore your voice, imagine where it will take you

  1. Frame  the moment (photography)
  2. Varnana (painting)
  3. Short film
  4. Slogan writing


Contact person/s: Prof. Prakash Boominathan, Organizing Chairperson, Postal Address: Department of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences, Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai-116. Email:

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