Reorganization of the Section "Larynx Microsurgery and Phoniatrics".

Date & time 15/04/2016, 14:00

City/place: Budapest

Venue/address: Semmelweis Egyetem Fül-Orr-Gégészeti és Fej- Nyaksebészeti Klinika, 1083 Budapest, Szigony u. 36.

Country: HU

Performer/s: “Larynx Microsurgery and Phoniatrics” (ENT Head and Neck Surgery Department, Semmelweis University, General Medical Faculty)

More info: The new structure of the section and the goals of the phoniatrics in Surgery Department, Semmelweis University, General Medical Faculty) Hungary, Dr. med. habil. László Tamás, Director of the ENT-Clinic, Dr. Frigyes Helfferich PhD, Head of Dept. and General Secretary of ENT Association Hungary, Prof. Dr. Tamás Hacki – Welcome of WVD, Scientific presentations “around the voice“ and about swallowing disorders, Thoughts about the singing voice – Dr. Krisztina Mészáros PhD., associate professor, Holistic approach of complex voice, speech and swallowing rehabilitation – the model in Bad Gögging/Bavaria – Dr. Adél Bihari, Dr. Gabriella Szentkúti, Klára Bajnócziné Szucsák, Ilona Kiss B. Basic concept of singing technics – from the breathing support to the trills – with practices – Dr. Adél Bihari, Dr. Hajnalka Lehóczky, The singing formant – Prof. Dr. Tamás Hacki

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Contact person/s: Prof. Dr. Tamás Hacki, Andrea Deme, PhD

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