Lecture : Exploring vocal popular styles in GREECE

Date & time 28/03/2016, 12.00

City/place: Athens

Venue/address: STUDIO, Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (3d floor) Music Department, School of Philosophy, GREECE

Country: GR

Performer/s: Anastasia Georgaki , Associate Professor, Head of The Laboratoy of Music Acoustics, Music Department

More info: Prof. Anastasia Georgaki will present various vocal styles that are currently practiced in Greece, like Rembetiko, Byzantine music, classical music and lyrical popular songs, music based on poetry (Theodorakis, Hadjidakis). She will explore different positionings of the voice, the aesthetic approach through the real-time representation of the vocal signal.

Website: www.music.uoa.gr

Contact person/s: Αnastasia Georgaki (georgaki@music.uoa.gr), Fotis Moschos (fotmos@music.uoa.gr)


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