Exporing the timber and the prosody of voice in Ancient Greek Tragedy poetic speech

Date & time 04/04/2016, 12.00

City/place: Athens,

Venue/address: STUDIO, Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology (3d floor) Music Department, School of Philosophy, GREECE

Country: GR

Performer/s: Prof. Stelios Psaroudakis, Ancient Greek Music

More info: PROF. Stelios Psaroudakis, will perform the stasimon of Orestis “Katolophyromai” (which is the headword in a musical fragment from the first stasimon of Orestes by Euripides /lines 338-344, Vienna Papyrus G 2315) with his crying voice and will explain in which way his interpretation is being indicated by the code of the ancient Greek text  and the parasemantics. He will do the same for the Text of Agamemnon’s oice


κατολοφύρομαι, κατολοφύρομαι, ματέρος αἷμα σᾶς, ὅ σ’ ἀναβακχεύει,, ὁ μέγας ὄλβος οὐ μόνιμος ἐν βροτοῖς, ἀνὰ δὲ λαῖφος ὥς τις ἀκάτου θοᾶς τινάξας δαίμων, κατέκλυσεν δεινῶν πόνων ὡς πόντου, λάβροις ὀλεθρίοισιν ἐν κύμασιν,

[I cry, I cry, your mother’s blood that drives you mad, great happiness in mortals never lasting, but like a sail of a swift ship, which a god shook up and plunged it with terrible troubles into the greedy and deadly waves of sea.]

Website: www.anastasiageorgaki.gr

Contact person/s: Anastasia Georgaki (goergaki@music.uoa.gr)

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