Celebrate Your Voice

Date & time 16/04/2016, 11:00 – 13:00

City/place: Philadelphia, PA

Venue/address: 15 West Highland Avenue, Phildelphia, PA  19118

Country: US

Performer/s: Deborah Crane and other guest performers

More info: Come and explore your voice with fun, expansive vocal experiences. This will be followed by volunteer performances – sing a song, share a poem, or just join in for the joy of giving voice!

The event is free but space is limited and registration required.  Also please let me know if you think you want to perform. Spontaneous performances are encouraged but it will be helpful with timing the planning of the event if I have some idea of how many people want to perform.

Website: www.voiceopenings.com

Contact person/s: Deborah Crane, deborah@voiceopenings.com

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