New England World Voice Day

Date & time 10/04/2016, 12:00 h

City/place: Massachusetts General Hospital’s Voice Center (Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation), One Bowdoin Square, 11th floor, Boston, MA 02114

Country: US

Performer/s: Facilitators: Marcelle Gauvin, Associate Professor Berklee College of Music and Petersen Voice Studio, Boston, MA

VOICEID, Dr. James Burns, Laryngeal Surgeon. Speech Language Pathologist/Singing Voice Specialist Tara Stadelman-Cohen

More info: Part 1 – Kick Off Campaign by the company VOCALID.

VOCALID supplies voices to those who have lost the ability to speak or are unintelligible to the average listener. The drive helps VOCALID build their “voice bank”. Volunteers donate their voices by recording common phrases and expressions and these voices are banked becoming available to clients. If the client is able to produce any sound, their phonations are mixed in with the selected voice allowing them to keep their individuality.


Contact person/s: Marcelle Gauvin,,


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