Articles on the World Voice Day in Scientific Journals

Dornelas RGiannini SPFerreira LPWorld Voice Day in news: analysis of reports on the Voice Campaign in Brazil.CoDAS. 2015 Sep-Oct;27(5):492-7.

Abstract – PURPOSE: To analyze the television reports on the World Voice Day transmitted by Globo(r) TV. METHOD:  We researched television reports broadcasted by Globo(r) Network in regional television news programs from March 15 to April 20, 2013. For the data analysis, the Document Analysis technique was used. The analyzed variables were the following: location, broadcasting period, duration, interviewed professional, mention of multiprofessional work, orientation to the population, and the interview approach (health promotion or disease prevention). Through statistical analysis, the interview approach was considered the outcome and associated with the other variables. RESULTS: On the regions where there are news programs for the researched TV station, the majority made reports about the Voice Campaign. Among these, we discovered that the five regions of Brazil were contemplated, in the morning/afternoon periods, with medium duration of 5.3 minutes. The presence of the speech-language pathologist was observed in greater numbers of the interviews, as also the emphasis on the importance of a multiprofessional work. Regarding the content presented, the interviewees focused on diseases caused by habits that impair the voice, with orientation to the public about what negatively interferes in the vocal well-being.  CONCLUSION:  The approach of the interviews was not, in the majority of times, of the same nature (promoting the vocal well-being or preventing voice disorder), and the interprofessional practice is still seen less frequently as a possible work strategy.

Svec JGBehlau M. April 16th: the World Voice Day. Folia Phoniatr Logop. 2007;59(2):53-4.

Abstract: Although the voice is used as an everyday basis of speech, most people realize its importance only when a voice problem arises. Increasing public awareness of the importance of the voice and alertness to voice problems are the main goals of the World Voice Day, which is celebrated yearly on April 16th. The event started as a national initiative in Brazil in 1999 and quickly spread internationally. The article provides a brief history of the World Voice Day, together with basic background information.