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 The COVID-19 crisis has influenced the professional practice of voice teachers worldwide. To assess these developments, Dr. Christian Herbst have created the Virtual Voice Teaching Survey. Please contribute and share this survey with your colleagues. The survey will take approximately 8 minutes to complete. Your input will be greatly appreciated, helping us all to understand the current developments and to develop stategies for dealing with this new situation. — Thank you!

and the web link to the survey is:

The Voice Foundation articles


Breath in Voice Education and Rehabilitation
(Steinhauer) – link HERE

Injured Singers in Vocal Crisis
(Sandage) – HERE


Vocal Pedagogy with Science and Style
(Sandage) – HERE


Vocalises for Vocal-Ease!
(Steinhauer) HERE

Voice Science: What Is It Good For?
(Steinhauer) HERE


Talks and lectures about Voice and Voice Science

The Voice as a musical instrument, Prof. Johan Sundberg
About resonance and formants, Prof. Johan Sundberg
Minilectures Bioacoustics – Formants & Vowels, Prof. Tecumseh Fitch

The vocal travel, Prof Per-Åke Lindestad


Articles on the World Voice Day in Scientific Journals

Voice Production
Polyphonic Voice
Teachers voice affect
The Neuroscience of Singing (External link)