Your Voice Matters, Take Care of it

Our objective is to bring knowledge about the importance of vocal care, with a central axis of promoting care, through understanding motivation and leveraging being able to care, many people treat the voice as something abstract and only start when they miss it or become dysphonic, and following the public health logic is always better to prevent than to intervene, therefore, and seek tangible motivations with voice professionals, on how they understood the importance of this care and disseminated it interactively on social media during the month.

date: 2023-04-16
usp-custom-time: 02:00
usp-custom-cityplace: São Paulo
usp-custom-venueaddress: Praça Olavo Bilac 95, Cj 53
usp-custom-performers: LabVoz Staff concerning Glaucia Verena, Head Director; Andreia Oliveira Strategic, Amanda Lengruber Social Media and Juliana Pina Editing and artists such as Larissa Noel singer/actress, Rodrigo Simas actor, Edna de Oliveira Classical singer/Voical coach, Mariana Aydar Latin Grammy Winner and others artists.
usp-custom-contacts: Instagram: @labvoz | LinkeDIn
+55 11 96351-7084

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