Your voice matters

Scientific and musical session organized by the multidisciplinar VOICE UNIT OF LA PAZ UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL in Madrid, Spain.
We will talk about voice physiology and voice care. At the end we will have a concert with opera singers and piano.

date: 2023-04-12

time: 11:00-12:00

cityplace: Madrid, Spain

venueaddress: La Paz University Hospital.
Pº de la Castellana, 261 – 28046 Madrid

performers: Dr. Ricardo Bernáldez. Otolaryngologist
Dra. Ana Rodríguez. Neurologist
Dra. Jenny Carvajal. Rehabilitation
Carolina Ogén. Speech Language Pathologist
Dra. Teresa Rivera Schmitz. Otolaryngologist
Dra. Susana Santiago. Clinical neurophisiologist
Dra. Almudena Martínez. Clinical neurophisiologist
Victoria Garcia Concejero. Speech Language Pathologist
Dra. Isabel García-López. Otolaryngologist
Marta Martin Alonso. Speech Language Pathologist
Mª Angeles Triana.  Singing teacher
Soledad Vidal, Soprano
Francisco Fernández-Rueda, Tenor
Juan Luis Bago, Piano

contacts: Dr. Isabel Garcia-Lopez

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