world voice day CME

CME is organised by Dept of ENT , PD Hinduja Hospital in association with AOI Mumbai branch to celebrate world voice day on 16th april.The main highlights will be lecture and panel discussion hosted by renowned Laryngologist Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurukar along with talks by other young laryngologists. pls do join us in raising awareness about our voice .

date: 2023-04-16
usp-custom-time: 09:00-12:30
usp-custom-cityplace: Mumbai
usp-custom-venueaddress: P D Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai 400016
usp-custom-performers: Dr Nupur Kapoor Nerurkar, Dr Adip Shetty,Dr Arpit Sharma, Dr Amrapali pawar, Dr Shama Kovale, Dr Sangeeta Varty
usp-custom-contacts: Dr Arpit Sharma , Hon Secretary, AOI Mumbai branch

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