Voice, Body, Soul

A day filled with workshops about the voice.


– Sustainable artistry for the voice. Explore, develop and maintain your raw material.

– Stage fright – When voice and body freezes.

– Not too high – Not too low! Measuring subglottic pressures during voice production.

– What’s the point of kids singing? Why children’s singing is important.

– Voice and speech techniques for better presentations.

– Everything vocally varies, but the map remains. Map your voice with FonaDyn!

– No voice without flow: Breathing in speech and voice production.

– Sing with attitude!


Pia Olby, singer and lecturer in song performance at Stockholm University of the Arts. 

Catherine Hansson, actor, logonologist, teaches oral presentation at SMI and stage language supervisor at Ledarstudion. Musical artist Lærke Boysen. 
Johan Sundberg, professor in Music Acoustics/Music’s sound studies at KTH

Graham Welch, Professor of Music Education at University College London. 

Ulrika Zettersten, singing teacher, logonologist and rhetorician from Röstbolaget. 

Sten Ternström, professor of music acoustics at KTH.

Marcin Wlodarczak, associate professor of phonetics.

Caroline af Ugglas, artist and choir director. 

Moderator: Anita McAllister

With financial support of The Joan Rothenberg foundation, The Royal Swedish Academy of Music and Röstforum Stockholm.

When: !6/4 2023, 13.00-17.30

Where: Royal College of Music, Valhallavägen 105, Stockholm, Sweden

Webb: https://wvd.forts.se/

Contact: Rebecca Häller, info@rebeccahaller.se

WVD mail / contact: worldvoicedaysweden@gmail.com

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