Unlock Your Voice!

Everybody experiences some tension in their jaw and throat from time-to-time. This can interfere with voice production, making it sore or difficult to talk. For people who rely on their voice for their jobs, this can be especially problematic.

Trinity College Dublin is delighted to welcome you to this free event that about how to self-manage jaw and throat tension. A panel of experts from both healthcare and the performing arts will provide practical advice and knowledge about techniques you can use to free your voice.

This event is suitable for anyone to attend, but may of special interest to:
Healthcare workers
Performance artists
People with jaw or temporomandibular disorders (TMDs)

date: 2023-04-18

time: 13:00-17:00

cityplace: Dublin

venueaddress: JM Synge Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin.

performers: •        Dr Ciarán Kenny: Assistant Professor in Clinical Speech and Language Studies, specialising in assessment and management of voice problems.
•       Ms Kim Cusack: Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders.
•       Ms Annelies Labaere: Speech and Language Therapist specialising in manual therapy for voice difficulties.
•       Ms Aagje Dom: Actor and Speech and Language Therapist specialising in optimisation of voice production.
•       Ms Deirdre Masterson: Award-winning Irish Soprano and singing voice rehabilitation specialist.

contacts: cslssec@tcd.ie

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