MM Two Michaels from Taiwan! Romantic Classical Guitar and Vocal Performance!

Endorsed by Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head Neck Surgery and Cancer Center of Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TCVGH), President 陳大松of富貿express co., ltd., Taiwan Voice Society, Huei-Kang Social Welfare Foundation, Rong-Sing Medical Foundation, an event of “MM Two Michaels from Taiwan! Romantic Classical Guitar and Vocal Performance” will be hosted in TCVGH on Saturday of Apr.15 2023, a day before the World Voice Day. The team composed of Guitarist: Michael Fang (Professor方銘健) & Lyric Tenor: Michael Chen (Vocalist陳明虔) In addition to their world-class music performance, the leaders of TCVGH will send their best regards to the attendees, and several voice health education lectures will be done to improve the public’s awareness of voice medicine because “Your Voice Matters”

date: 2023-04-15

time: 09:00-11:50

cityplace: Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taichung City

venueaddress: Lobby at Second Floor of Front Outpatient Building, 1650 Taiwan Boulevard Sect. 4, Taichung, Taiwan 407219

performers: Talk Show:富貿express co., ltd. President 陳大松; Guitarist: Michael Fang (Professor 方銘健) & Lyric Tenor: Michael Chen (Vocalist 陳明虔)

contacts: Prof. Dr. Chenchi Wang, President of Taiwan Voice Society

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