Lightning talk sessions on throat and voice held in the Metaverse (VRChat)

We are organizing a lightning talk on the topic of “Throat/Voice” in the Metaverse (VRChat).
There will be 4 speakers. Each person will have 15 minutes including Q&A.
To participate, you will need hardware such as a PC or MetaQuest and VRChat installed.
All speakers will speak in Japanese.

date: 2023-04-14

time: 21:00-22:15

cityplace: PresentationWorld in VRChat

venueaddress: This event will be held in VRChat.

Organizer’s VRChat Name : OOMIYA
Organizer’s TwitterID : @OmiyaAlice

performers: Amakaze Yamu


contacts: Organizer’s TwitterID : @OmiyaAlice
Organizer’s E-mail Address :

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