Duke Voice Care Center presents World Voice Day 2023: Every Voice Has a Story

Every voice has a story – what’s yours? Join Duke Voice Care Center and guest speaker Jeff Polish for a free live webinar to learn strategies for telling your story and exercises for keeping your voice healthy and strong!

Jeff Polish, Executive Director of The Monti, is a globally recognized, award-winning storytelling coach, consultant, and speaker. He focuses on creating impact in your life, business, and organization through storytelling.

In 2008, Jeff Polish founded The Monti, a storytelling non-profit based in Durham, NC whose mission is to create community through the telling of stories. The Monti provides a space for individuals to share their authentic voices.

Duke Voice Care Center is a division of the Duke Department of Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences. Duke Voice Care Center’s team of voice-specialized doctors and speech-language pathologists is dedicated to evaluating and treating patients of all ages with voice and throat disorders.

date: 2023-05-02

time: 07:00 – 8:30 PM EST

cityplace: Durham, NC (Zoom)

venueaddress: https://duke.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEudeysqTMqGt10179WHml5tV1tbzPWHQTH

webbaddress: https://duke.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEudeysqTMqGt10179WHml5tV1tbzPWHQTH

contacts: Questions? Email worldvoiceday@duke.edu

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