In this event, a free webinar, six experts discuss the importance of voice, voice tone, voice timbre… in communication with persons in pain or even terminally ill patients. The importance of training healthcare personnel how to use prosody, to adapt verbal communication in transmitting support, to be sympathetic and share feelings, avoiding silent isolation and avoidance which often suffer these patients. Not only healthcare personnel, but also volunteers, or everyone of us who encounters the suffering of others. Another way to explain how our voice matters! the event is under AIOLP (Italian Association of Private ENTs) patronage.

date: 2023-04-24

time: 06:00- 08:00 PM CET

cityplace: Palermo and online

venueaddress: Palermo and online 

performers: MD Aldo Messina, Audiologist (AIOLP) – Palermo-, MD Rosa Bruni Psychotherapist – Rome-, Cosimo Scordato theologian, Prof Riccardo Torta Psychologist -Turin -, Andrea Bocero Psychologist – Turin-, Marco Trifone Singing teacher – Milan-

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