World Voice Week celebration

Description: The Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ORL), Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (HoSHAS), Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia conducted several activities in conjunction with the World Voice Day celebration. The activities that have been carried out were; 1) Webinar Treating Voice Disorder, 2) Weekly CME and 3) Voice Box Cancer Awareness Forum. 1) Webinar Treating Voice Disorder Date: 16th March 2022 Platform: Zoom Online The webinar was conducted through the Zoom platform on 16th March 2022 where ORL experts and Speech Language Therapists discussed topics on Laryngeal anatomy, Laryngeal diseases and treatments available both in terms of surgery and voice therapy. The program was attended by nurses, speech language therapists, medical officers and family medicine specialist. Various diseases related to hoarse voice were shared during this webinar. (refer poster) 1) Weekly Continuing Medical Education(CME): Hi I’m Larynx Date: 18th March, 2022, 8am Platform: Hybrid (Live in the auditorium and Platform Zoom) Presenter: Dr Luqman bin Rosla (ORLHNS Specialist, HoSHAS) The CME, in conjunction with World Hearing Day touches on the anatomy and physiology of voice production. During the CME, there was a live laryngeal examination and Laryngeal Mimicry was conducted during this session. We invited voice over artist, Mr. Isma Nazom, who dubbed the Malay Doraemon cartoon series in the 1990s. The CME ended with the inauguration of World Voice Day by Hospital’s Director. Please refer to the YouTube link, to view the CME. 3) Voice box Cancer Awareness Forum Date: 18th March, 2022, 3pm Platform: Hybrid (Live in the auditorium and Platform Zoom) Event coordinator: Dr Luqman bin Rosla (ORLHNS Specialist) Moderator: Dr Mohd Shaiful Nizam Mamat Nasir (ORLHNS HoSHAS Specialist) Panelist: - Dr Mohamad Norkahfi bin Razali (ORLHNS HoSHAS Specialist) - Assistant Professor Dr Azwan bin Halim (ORLHNS Specialist, SASMEC, IIUM) - Mr. Shamsul Rizal (Laryngeal Cancer Survivor) The purpose of this forum is to educate and create awareness to the public about laryngeal cancer and the dangers of smoking. Cancer survivor, Mr. Shamsul Rizal has repeatedly stressed the dangers of smoking which was the main reason for his total laryngectomy surgery. This forum was also attended by other laryngeal cancer survivors in line with the main purpose of the forum which was to create a networking platform and support group for laryngeal cancer survivors. At the end of the forum, sharing sessions among cancer survivors were conducted. Refer to the link to view the forum on YouTube;  

Date: 2022-03-18 

Time: 08:00-17:00 

City/place: Temerloh Venue address: Jalan Maran 

Performer/s: Dr Luqman Rosla Dr Mohd Shaiful Nizam Mamat Nasir Dr Najlaa Raihana Juhari Dr Mohamad Norkahfi Razali Mdm Nor Shahrina (speech therapist)  


Contact: +60196581312 

The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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