Use of thevoice as simultaneous interpreter and in TV

Description: The physiology of the simultaneous interpreter voice is analyzed by Prof.Dr.R.Eugenia Chavez and Mr.Sergio Alarcon explains the importance of his voice and hearing in the development of this interesting profession.He also analyzes the use of his voice in television. 

Date: 2022-04-22 

Time: 19:00-20:00 

City/place: Cd Mexico Venue address: you tube canal viva la voz facebook worldvoicedaymexico ,dmv Minerva 104 Colonia Florida 501 

Performer/s: Sergio Alarcon is a professional simultaneous interpreter english-spanish and spanish-english.He also has been conducting a very famous TV program as Sheriff Alarcon Prod.Dr.R.Eugenia Chavez M.D. is medical doctor in Phoniatrics and AUdiology. 

Web: youtube canal viva la voz diamundialdelavozmexico@dmvmexico


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