Live concert 2022 with regained voice after voice loss due to recurrent nerve palsy

Description: The purpose of this concert is to show the appreciation for the voice that I feel as a performer who has lost my voice once, and also to show that even if the nerve on one side of the vocal cord is cut, I can still sing after phonosurgery and voice training. As measures against corona continue to limit our daily lives, the past is no longer the norm. It's the same about being able to sing. But voice can convey feelings more than letters. I want you to listen to my voice and song because it's such a time. I want you to reaffirm the wonderfulness of music and voice. And I want people to listen to the live songs as soon as possible. I sing with such thoughts, I will sing with my gratitude.  

Date: 2022-04-03 

Time: 14:00-14:30 

City/place: Tokyo/Ekoda Marquee Venue address: Ekoda Sky-building B2,1-10-10 Toyotama-kami,Nerima-ku,176-0011,Tokyo,Japan  Tel : 03-3994-2948 (from Japan), 81-3-3994-2948 (from outside of Japan)  

Performer/s: Mr.Nobuo Kanetomo 


The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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