Talk show on Voice and Speech disorders

Description: What are voice and speech disorders? How do they affect our life? From whom do we seek treatment? Few Chinese knew the profession Speech-Language Pathologist 10 years ago but nowadays many Chinese are seeking SLPs for clinical service of voice and speech disorders. To educate more people about voice and speech disorders, Zhen Chen, the CCC-SLP working at the Eye & ENT Hospital of Fudan University will be invited to a popular talk show "Hundred thousand whys" on FM 93.4 or AM 990 at Shanghai Radio Station. 

Date: 2018-04 (14-19) 

Time: 18:30-19:00 

City/place: Shanghai Venue address: Shanghai Radio Station(AM990,FM93.4) 

Contact: Zhen Chen 

The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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