Symposium of Evta-Be (Belgian Voice Teachers Association) – “Your Body, Your Voice”

Description: Have you heard this already? 'Your voice sounds tired today' or do you think on the phone about someone you do not know that this should be an energetic person, to hear the voice? Your voice tells a lot about your physical condition. In 2018 we will give workshops and a symposium with interesting topics about how you can balance body energy and voice or how you can control your voice from your body. The symposium will take place at our partner Thomas More, Kronenburgstraat 68 in Antwerp. Because we experienced at the 2016 symposium that the interactive lectures were particularly appreciated by those present, we will go one step further in 2018. In the morning, the lecturers give a presentation about their way of working. In the afternoon the same people give rotating workshops so that everyone can experience the influence of bodywork on your voice. As always, our symposium is accessible to every lover of good voice use. Subjects: - Priske Dehandschutter: "About Singing and Being" - Herlinde Wynants: "Tensegrity and the relationship between body and voice" - Raf De Groote: "Body Mapping: body, mind and breathing" - Susan Tordoff (GB): "Your body, your voice"  

Date: 2018-04-14 

Time: 10:30 - 18:00 

City/place: Antwerp - Belgium Venue address: Thomas More Hogeschool Kronenburgstraat 68 Antwerp Belgium 

Performer/s: - Priske Dehandschutter - Herlinde Wynants - Raf De Groote - Susan Tordoff 



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