Sångkonst: Förr – Nu – Sedan (Vocal Art: Earlier – Now – In the future)

Description: Föreningen Dagmar Gustafsons Elever organises a half-day symposium on the origin, the present state, and the possible future development of singing and vocal composition. Presentations on singing and teaching of singing in the early 20th century, on todays singing culture and education of teachers of singing, and coaching young singers, singing with young school children and combining voice with digital technology 

Date: 2018-04-14 

Time: 13.00-17.00 

City/place: Stockholm Venue address: Stiftelsen för Musikkulturens Främjande, Skeppargatan 35-37 

Performer/s: Opera director Stefan Johansson, SInger, Voice teacher Iwa Sörenson von Gertten, Singer, Musicologist Sven Kristersson, Singing Teacher Bo Rosenkull, Pianist and Coach Magnus Svensson, Choral Conductor, Musicologist Gunnel Fagius, and Singer Madeleine Jonsson Gille 

Web: https://dagmargustafsonselever.wordpress.com/

Contact: Föreningen Dagmar Gustafsons Elever  

The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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