Iº Simpósio Norte-Nordeste de Canto Contemporâneo

Description: Due to the scientific advances in several areas that have the voice of research, whether in the professional singing voice or in the spoken voice itself, the so-called "art of singing" teaching-learning process has undergone important changes, both in theories of reasoning, and in didactic-pedagogical practices. And the Brazilian Cycle of Symposiums of Contemporary Singing results from the need to promote the updating of the various professionals working with the singing voice, bringing together the didactic-pedagogical efforts, clinical efforts, scientific information and the experiences of the professionals of each State of the Federation. Thus, the main objective is to provide the participants with a more comprehensive understanding of the vocal techniques used by contemporary singers, thus increasing the efficiency of the intervention processes, be it vocal pedagogy or vocal clinic. The event is an initiative of the Brazilian Contemplative Singing Institute (IBCC) and counts with the support of the Brazilian Society of Speech and Hearing Therapy (SBFa), as well as countless professionals working with singing voice. It is intended for speech therapists, otorhinolaryngologists, vocal teachers, vocal technicians, vocal trainers, vocal coach's, vocal producers, singers (amateurs or professionals), physiotherapists, physical educators and any other category of professionals who work with voice, promoting a space conducive to the exchange of experiences and professional improvement, in a full day of lectures, conferences and workshops. In the year 2016, we held the 1st Brazilian Symposium on Contemporary Singing Symposiums (1st Santa Catarina Symposium on Contemporary Singing, in April, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC, in the city of Florianópolis / SC, 1st Symposium on Contemporary Corner , in the month of September, in the Pontifical Catholic University of Belo Horizonte - PUC-Minas, in the city of Belo Horizonte / MG, Iº Symposium Gaúcho de Canto Contemporâneo, in November, at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre - UFCSPA , in the city of Porto Alegre / RS, and the 1st Symposium Carioca de Canto Contemporâneo, also in November, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ, in the city of Rio de Janeiro / RJ. In the year 2017, we held the 2nd Brazilian Symposium on Contemporary Singing Symposiums (1st Symposium on Contemporary Singing of the Pampas, in April, in the city of São Gabriel / RS, II Santa Catarina Symposium on Contemporary Singing, in June, Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC, in the city of Florianópolis / SC, 1st São Paulo Symposium of Contemporary Singing, in August, at the Faculties and Souza Lima Conservatory, in the city of São Paulo / SP, and the 1st Goiano Symposium on Contemporary Singing in the month October, at the Technological Institute of Goiás in Artes Basileu França, in the city of Goiânia / GO. And this year, to celebrate the World Voice of the Voice and opening the III Brazilian Cycle of Contemporary Corner Symposiums, we will hold the 1st North-Northeast Contemporary Corner Symposium, in the city of São Luis, in the state of Maranhão. The event is an accomplishment of the IBCC, in partnership with the speech therapist Fagner Limam (Academia da Voz Studio); and will be held on 07 and 08 April. Complete information by e-mail fagner_limam@hotmail.com. Greetings, Ariel Coelho IBCC Coordinator 

Date: 2018-04-07 

Time: 08h-18h 

City/place: São Luis do Maranhão Venue address: Av. Colares Moreira, 14 - Renascenca, São Luís - MA, 65075-441 

Performer/s: Prof. Ariel Coelho, Prof. e Fgo Fagner Limam, Fgo Eduardo Medeiros e Fgo Leandro Carneiro 

Web: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bg1eClLnx8-/

Contact: (98) 981045556, (48) 988005300 

The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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