Exploring Voice Science and Science of Vocal Mugham ” Mughamology”

Description: Celebrating the World Voice Day!!! Celebrating Science and Mugham!!! Hosted by the Azerbaijan National Conservatory this event will be held in “Baku Concert and Seminar Hall” at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, Baku, Azerbaijan. Motivated by the International World Voice Day this event was organized by the initiative of the voice researcher, vocal pedagogue and classically trained American–Azeri soprano, Alexandria Sultan von Bruseldorff, who is currently working on her doctoral research “Acoustical and physiological properties of the voice apparatus during singing in Azerbaijani Mugham and Ashig singers” at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory. In the frame of the scientific-practical-seminar-workshop, during the World Voice Day, Ms. Alexandria Sultan von Bruseldorff will be raising the question on the importance of the establishment of the Voice Scientific Research Laboratory at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory. The mission of this laboratory are to create the voice appreciation and voice awareness portals at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory; to connect to the number of the international scientific and voice educational portals and foundations in order to assist professional mugham singers and students, bring a new direction in researching vocal mugham. Inspired by vocal pedagogy, by the voice science, and by the practice of “VOCOLOGY”, Alexandria will be proposing the use of the term “Mughamology.” Voice Science + Vocal Mugham+ Vocology = “Mughamology” Recently UNESCO designated Azerbaijani mugham, for the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The unique sound produced by a mugham singer is one of the important component of Azerbaijani mugham, it is the ‘DNA,’ the building block, the heart and soul, of Azerbaijani vocal heritage.  

Date: 2018-04-19 

Time: 17:00-18:00  

City/place: Baku Venue address: AZ1073, Baku 506th block, Iasamal area  

Performer/s: PhD candidate, Alexandria Sultan von Bruseldorff, Faculty of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, LOR Doctors, Students-Mugham Singers 

Web: http://conservatory.edu.az/en/tedbirler/scientific-practical-workshops/

Contact: Alexandria Sultan von Bruseldorff, PhD Candidate at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, email: alexandriasultan@outlook.com Tell: 0553108396  

The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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