Communication Disorders and Sciences presents WORLD VOICE DAY at Southern Illinois University

Description: * SIUC NSSLHA's chapter is leading an exciting World Voice Day Voice Drive with a special call for contribution to VocaliD! – an advocacy action to support individuals who rely on generic voices for communication through speaking devices. * NSSLHA students will be active in encouraging other university members to partake in protective voice behaviors. * The campaign team will wear T-shirts specifically created for the occasion and offer information about how to prevent voice disorders and how to seek services for voice disorders treatment. Educational materials and activities will be promoted. * The event will include exhibition of videos related to voice science and usage. 

Date: April 16, 2018 

Time: All day 

City/place: Carbondale, IL Venue address: Morris Library, Main Hall (Lincoln’s Head) & Guyon Auditorium (Rotunda) 

Performer/s: Communication Disorders and Sciences(CDS) National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association(NSSLHA) Southern Illinois University Carbondale(SIUC) 


Contact: Maria Claudia Franca, Associate Professor Communication Disorders and Sciences Rehabilitation Institute Southern Illinois University Carbondale  

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