UCLA Laryngology Update 2017: The Performing and Professional Voice

Description: Hoarseness is a devastating loss, particularly for the performer or vocal professional. From musical theater actors to recording pop stars, vocal malfunction carries an elevated urgency for providers to return their patients to optimal voice quality. Likewise in non-performing professionals who critically depend on voice use, such as teachers, trial lawyers, or salespersons, a loss of voice quality can be equally devastating. Available published guidelines and information describing the treatment of hoarseness in this demanding subset of patients is extremely limited. With the combined experience treating vocal professionals and performers, the multidisciplinary team of the UCLA Voice Center for Medicine and the Arts has developed an advanced multidisciplinary course that will teach and review diagnostic and treatment strategies for the hoarse performer and voice professional. The course will focus on incorporating all aspects of the voice team including presentations from the laryngology, speech pathology, and vocal pedagogy viewpoints as well as from the vocal performer's perspective. Target Audience Otolaryngologists (ENT), Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), Voice Coaches, Allied Health Professionals, Surgical Residents, Medical Students, Speech Language Pathology Students  

Date: 2017-04-07 

Time: 08:00-17:00 

City/place: Los Angeles/CA Venue address: UCLA Campus UCLA Luskin Conference Center 

Web: https://www.cme.ucla.edu/courses/event-description?registration%5fid=156996

Contact: UCLA Luskin Conference Center 425 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90095 855-522-8252 www.luskinconferencecenter.ucla.edu 

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