The tips of vocal folds vibration

Description: On April 18, Approaching Science from CCTV-10 (science and education channel) broadcasted a program themed with "the tips of vocal folds vibration" in which Dr. Peiyun Zhuang participated. It introduced an excellent teacher from one of a high school in Xamen at the beginning, who was facing a severe problem of her voice because of the heavy work. When she was about to give up her career, Dr. Peiyun Zhuang from Xiamen Zhongshan Hospital helped her. This show revealed the important of our voice in depth and presented a part of the team work in recent years. 

Date: 2017-04-18 

Time: 15:20-16:20 

City/place: Beijing Venue address: No. 201-209, Xiamen HuBing South Road. Fujian, P.R.China 


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