TANGUEDIA (un rejunte bien porteño)

Description: We invite you to a journey throughout TANGO. TANGO is much more than a musical style: it´s a state of mind. TANGO was born as music, developed into movement, and becomes singing and poetry. And it´s ALIVE! To understand TANGO, you need to experience Buenos Aires. As our river, our horizon is brown. Living in “the south of the south” is a unique experience. TANGO becomes a bridge to understand the meaning of being “rioplatense” and “porteño”, and to know a little bit more about the people of the country you are living in… A music-hall with 15 performers on scene singing and dancing, showing a great variety of rhythms and styles. And a famed plastic artist producing a piece of tango-artwork LIVE! We want you to share a trip to our inner feelings.  

Date: 2017-04-02 

Time: 11.00-12.00 

City/place: Buenos Aires Venue address: La Glorieta de Barrancas de Belgrano 

Performer/s: SINGERS Lolo Benamo,Tomás Pérez Losada,Marcela Gallegatti, Alejandra Ramos, Estela Galli, Osvaldo Taboada, Lorena Guidi, Andrea Wendik, Silvana Nogués Albina Yegros DANCERS Lucila Díaz Colodrero- Martín Cayesse GUEST MUSICIAN Osvaldo Taboada And the famed plastic artist VICKY MADRID producing a piece of tango-artwork LIVE!!!  

Web: www.estudiovocal.com.ar

Contact: Alejandra Ramos 

The information is provided by the organiser who is responsible for it.
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