Hungarian Chronicle, Cultural Magazine of the Hungarian State Television: The Human Voice

Description: We would like to invite you on a mystery journey inside the human voice and psychology, where we explore what kind of secrets reveals the human voice. We will speak about the the importance of the human voice for babies in the womb, we also discuss the message of the voice, regardless of whether you are an actor or not, and last but not least, we will talk about the meaning of the whistled languages. Be sure to tune in and do not miss the Hungarian Chronical on the following dates: April 15th @ 09:00 pm M5 (Hungarian National Tv) April 20th @ 08:55 am Duna World (Hungarian National Tv) April 20th @ 02:05 pm Duna World (Hungarian National Tv) April 22th @ 02:00 pm Duna (Hungarian National Tv) 

Date: 2017-04-15 

Time: 21:00 

City/place: Budapest Venue address: M5, Duna, Duna World 

Performer/s: Prof.Dr. Tamás Hacki- phoniatrician: The amazing physiology of each individual's voice, the impact of our voice Tímea Hazay: The importance of the sound to the fetus, the role of the human voice in the development of premature infants Valaczka János- monk, church musicians: the sacred role of the human voice Gabriella Ságodi-speaking specialist: the hidden messages of the voice Viktor Magyaróvári-composer: facts about the perfect pitch Host: Gábor Csőre Editor: Gyöngyi Szanyi, Anna Daniela Bátor Director: László Dobronay  



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