Focus on your Voice – ONLINE Open Day

Description: Let’s focus on your voice: Today you’re welcome to ask me questions about your voice! What role does your voice play in your speech? Did you ever realise what the importance of your voice is when you communicate with other people. So maybe you would like to find out what your voice exactly has to do with: • Listening • coming across • having impact on your audience • your emotions, intentions, character and role • your content – things you mean to say and how you are being interpreted or understood? • your way of moving and body language • making contact with your listeners Other questions to focus on your voice might be: • What is voice? • How does my voice sound, • How do others experience or describe my voice? • How can I take care of my voice? • Can I change my voice, • (How) can I train my voice? • ….? Just log in and ask, listen, try, experiment, exercise between 10am and 4 pm. (Free access / no costs / login link will be sent to you by email). Time slots of one hour, let me know what hour you prefer to attend and what main language you handle: English, Dutch or both. Just send me an email and I’ll send you a link to the event. See you there; be sure to have your voice with you! Kind regards, Alex  

Date: 2020-04-16 

Time: 10:00 - 16:00 

City/place: The Hague Venue address: Online! Send an email (through my website) and receive a link to the event. 

Performer/s: you, your voice and other visitors!  


Contact: Alex Boon 

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