Dubbing voices ,tribute

Description: Ricardo Silva makes an explanation of dubbing voices and makes some examples of his characters. He uses the changes of resonance to imitate another voices. 

Date: 2019-04-07 

Time: 13:40-13:50 

City/place: Mexico City Venue address: Auditorios Sectei callle Justo sierra 49 centro historico  

Performer/s: Ricardo Silva Singer, composer, musical director, musical producer, and profesional actor. Founder of gruppen “FRONTERA MORENA”, “APALAPA” Y “RARIX” He sang in SIEMPRE EN DOMINGO orchester .He has gesungen as jinglist . Dubbing for Disney in MARY POPPINS , GUMMI bears , WINNIE POH, DUCK ADVENTURES ,CHIP and DALE, duck DARKWING, MUPPETS BABIES and many other characters .  

Web: www.centrodefoniatria.com

Contact: eugeniachavezqhotmail.com 

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