Izmir • World Voice Day Activities 2015

April 16–17, 2015 

World Voice Day Activities 2015

Venue: Ege University Ataturk Cultural Center, Izmir


“World Voice Day 2015“ activities have a further meaning, as 2014 – 2015 Academic year also 60th year of Ege University, 30th year of our Conservatory and 25th year of our Voice Education Department. “World Voice Day 2015“ activities will be performed in Ege University Ataturk Cultural Center in two days.

“World Voice Day” 2015 Activity Program

Day One:
Thursday, April 16, 2015

Opening Speeches (10:00)
Prof. Semih ÖTLE? EU Vice Chancellor
Prof. Öcal ÖZB?LG?N Head, EU State Conservatory of Turkish Music
Assoc. Prof. F. Reyhan ALTINAY Head, EU SCTM, Dept. of Voice Education

Student Group led by Instructor Orhan MUTLU?AH?NO?LU (10:30)

• Panel 1 (10:45 )
Multiculturality and Music in Izmir
Prof. Ayhan EROL Instructor, Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Fine Arts, Dept. of Music Sciences
Lecture I
Prof. Berrak TARANÇ Instructor, EU SCTM, Dept. of Basic Sciences
“Izmir and Anatolian Greek Music”

Lecture II
Doç. Linet ?AUL Instructor, DEU State Conservatory Stage Arts Opera Branch

“Music in Izmir Sephardic Culture”

Lecture III
Assoc. Prof. Nuri MAHMUT Instructor, EU SCTM, Dept. of Voice Education

“Reflections of Uyghur Music in Izmir Through Singers and Players – From Past to Present”

• Panel 2 (11:45)
“Voicing” in Turkish Music and Classical Western Music
Assoc. Prof. F. Reyhan ALTINAY Head, EU SCTM, Dept. of Voice Education

Lecture I
Assoc. Prof. Zibelhan DA?DELEN Head, DEU State Conservatory, Dept. of Stage Arts
“Voice and Breath in Classical Singing Education”

Lecture II
?smail DEVR?M Artist, Ministry of Culture, State Chorus of Izmir Classical Turkish
“Performance in Classical Turkish Music”

Lecture III
Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin YALTIRIK Head, TRT Izmir, Dept. of Turkish Folk Music, Academic, Artist
“Traditional Voicing in Turkish Folk Music”


Day Two:
Friday, April 17, 2015
Concert (20:00 – 23:00)

Prepared & Led by
Instructor Dr. Zeynel DEM?R – Instructor Halil ?brahim YÜKSEL
& Student Group of Voice Education Department


Contact person: Assoc. Prof. F. Reyhan Altinay, Altug Gur, altug.gur@gmail.com




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