Kawasaki • Singers are athletes – World Voice Day 2015 at Showa

April 18, 2015 – 14:00 – 16:00

Singers are athletes:
Let’s look at the diaphragm and the vocal tract conditions during singing through MRI* movie and VTVR*
– World Voice Day 2015 at Showa

Venue: Showa University of Music, Rm C511 South Campus, Kawasaki

Performers: Speaker & Research Members

Eri Haneishi (Professor, Showa University of Music)
Hideki Kawahara (Professor, Wakayama University?
Kaori Hagiwara?Associate Professor, Showa University of Music?
Hiroko Kishimoto (Professor, Showa University of Music)
Kuniyo Yahiro?Lecturer, Showa University of Music?
Reiji Oribe (Doctral Program, Showa University of Music

More info: This presentation will visualize the motions of the diaphragm and the conditions of the vocal tract during singing through MRI movie and a computer program that can show real-time vocal tract shape corresponding to speech or singing.
Audience will know how professional singers use their diaphragm and how the organs, such as the tongue, the larynx, the soft palate, etc., function during singing. Singers, voice teachers and students, and all people interested in singing should not miss this chance celebrating the World Voice Day 2015.

This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Numbers 25370117 and 24500233.

?MRI=Magnetic Resonance Imaging?VTVR=Vocal Tract Visualizer Real-time

Website: www.tosei-showa-music.ac.jp


Contact person: Eri Haneishi, PhD, MT-BC, haneishi@tosei-showa-music.ac.jp




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