York • The Secret Science of Choral Singing

April 16, 2014, 6pm-7pm (followed by choral music at 7:30pm) – York

The Secret Science of Choral Singing


– What is choral blend?

– What makes a good choir?

– Is choral singing good for you?

– What does science have to do with singing?

Place: Old School Hall, York Minster School, York

Hosted by York Centre for Singing Science,  this free lecture/ workshop will explore the science behind the principles of ‘good’ choral singing including tuning, blend and articulation. Participants will be encouraged to discover how vowels within a chord, manage the timing of consonants and cope with the pitch-shifting effects of singing in-tune.  Images of the sounds will demonstrate the science behind the phenomena that are experienced when listening to or singing in a choir.

Helena Daffern
Ebor Singers
Contact person: Helena Daffern, email





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