Venice • SkAT-VG Project presentation

April 16, 2014, 17:00–18:00 – Venice

SkAT-VG Project presentation


Address: IUAV University of Venice – Mezzanino M, Cotonificio, Dorsoduro 2196, Venice

Performers: Davide Rocchesso, Stefano Delle Monache, Stefano Baldan, Davide Andrea Mauro

This event will be the occasion to present the activities of the research group and to showcase the FP7 SkAT-VG (Sketching Audio Technologies using Vocalizations and Gestures) project. The SkAT-VG project aims at enabling designers to use their voice and hands, directly, to sketch the auditory aspects of an object, thereby making it easier to exploit the functional and aesthetic possibilities of sound. The core of this framework is a system able to interpret users’ intentions trough gestures and vocalizations, to select appropriate sound synthesis modules, and to enable iterative refinement and sharing, as it is commonly done with drawn sketches in the early stages of the design process. To reach its goal, the SkAT-VG project is based on an original mixture of complementary expertise: voice production, gesture analysis, cognitive psychology, machine learning, interaction design, and audio application development.

Contact person: Davide Rocchesso, email




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