Pécs • World Voice Day in Pécs

April 15, 2014 – Pécs

World Voice Day in Pécs – Almond Bloom Scientific Days

III. Interdisciplinary PhD Conference

Organized by the ENT-Hospital of University of Pécs and the Faculty of Arts, University of Pécs


Place: University of Pécs

Address: Pécs, Dr. Romhányi György Hall (PTE ÁOK, Szigeti street 12)



• The Representation of the Human Voice in the Ancient Greek Art
Lecturer: Prof. dr. Imre Gerlinger

Pauline Viardot:
Presented by: Mia Melejzia (vocals), Lemja Amer (vocals), BA student of the Faculty of Arts of University Pécs

• Interactions of Sound and Space
Lecturer: dr. habil. Fül.p Augusztinovicz, Department of Communication, University of Technology and Economics, Budapest

Pauline Viardot: Es corridor
Presented by Mia Melejzia

Pauline Viardot: Madrid
Presented by Lemja Amer

• The Mystery of the Singing Voice: Acoustics and Biomechanical Tools
Lecturer: Prof. dr. dr.h.c. Tamás Hacki, Regensburg/Budapest

• Kodály and the Human Voice
Lecturer: dr. habil. Tamás Lakner, Liszt Prize awarded Conductor

Hej Büngözsdi Bandi
Zoltán Kodály: Esti dal (Evening song)
Zoltán Kodály: Kit kéne elvenni (Who you should marry)
Collaborating with the Béla Bartók male choir


Contact person: Tamás Hacki, email




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