Oulu • World Voice Day celebration

April 16, 2014, 14:15-16:00 – Oulu

Maailman äänipäivä 16.4.2014 / World Voice Day 2014


We will hear some songs by the members of Cassiopeia. There will be talks about how to maintain a good and functional voice, information on how the voice works and how the vocal organs are examined and some vocal exercises suitable for all people.

Place: Oulu University at Linnanmaa

Address: Oulu University/Oulun yliopisto, Linnanmaan kampus, Sali KTK 112

— Members of Cassiopeia, Choir of the University of Oulu Students’ Union
— Leila Paavola Lecturer, PhD, Faculty of Humanities / Logopedics
University of Oulu
— Terhi Ansamaa MD, Phoniatrician, Oulu University Hospital
— Katja Partala, M.A. Logopedist, Singing teacher, Oulu University Hospital


Contact person: Terhi Ansamaa. email





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