Lublin • Treat Your Voice Well!

April 16, 2014, 16:00-18:00 – Lublin

Open lectures:
Treat Your Voice Well!


Place: Lubelskie Centrum Słuchu i Mowy Słuchmed

Address: Chodźki 3 lok. 8, Lublin

Lek. med. Elżbieta Wroczek-Glijer, phoniatrist and otolaryngologist
Mgr Urszula Plis, voice emission specialist
Mgr Magdalena Chabior, speech therapist

1. The anatomical and physiological basis of voice production – lek. med. Elżbieta Wroczek-Glijer, phoniatrist and otolaryngologist.
2. ‘How is a healthy voice produced? Discussion on occupational voice disorders; voice emission exercises – mgr Urszula Plis, voice emission specialist.
3. Untie your tongue! – speech therapy not only for children – mgr Magdalena Chabior, speech therapist.


Contact person: Katarzyna Kuśmierz, email





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