Copenhagen • Voice Day

April 12, 2014

10-17: Voice Day — Workshops, stalls, performances, lectures, etc.


Place: Round Tower, Købmagergade 52A, Copenhagen


Ulrika Gunnarsson & Anders Larsson: Trall, Swedish vocal tradition

Katrine Faber Storytelling

Anne Marie Krarup, Storytelling

Dennis Buchleitner: Poetry Slam

Mariane Siem, Performance

Koratoriet, Performance

Lydkoret Whop, Mouth Music

Rockkoret, Singing

Sara Gryholdt: Lecture on Radio Voices

Niels Granvig and Måløv Church Children’s Choir

Frans Rømeling: Lecture on Phoniatrics

Karen Jørgensen: Workshop, Language of Music

Inge Brink Hansen, Lecture on Tone Deafness and Singing out of Tune

Malene Bichel, Voice Meditation

Skye Løfvander, Workshop, Overtone Singing


For the sixth time the Danish Day of the Voice Association opens the doors to a multi-faceted event in conjunction with the International World Voice Day 16 April.

The members of the association are singers, phoneticians, rhetoricians, laryngologists, logopaedics, storytellers, speakers and other professionals working with voice.

Throughout the tower the public will have the opportunity to explore their own and other people’s voices in many different ways. There will be activities both at the pedestrian street in front of the building and at the Spiral Ramp, the Library Hall, the Observatory and the Classroom, where you may experience performances, exhibits, informational booths, small workshops, lectures and concerts all day. It will all be presented by enthusiasts and professionals from many different study environments and sectors. Entrance fee is only 25 DKK!

The voice celebration continues at 19:00, when the old tower will be converted into a cozy story telling venue. A variety of actors, storytellers and poetry slammers will treat young and old senses and minds with their stories. And finally there will be Trall – a Swedish vocal tradition suitable for dance! Admission: 80 DKK

Contact person: Skye Løfvander


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