Budapest • World Voice Day Celebration

April 16, 2014; 14:00-22:00 – Budapest

World Voice Day Celebration
at Erkel



WVD-Erkel-©gleges-angol.jpegWVD program of the State Opera House Budapest. The event on the 16th of April will take place in the second house of the Opera, in the Erkel Theatre, a huge concert hall and music theatre in Budapest.
This is a great, half-day program with famous singers of the Opera House as well as with famous pop singers. The science is represented by lectures of phoniatricians.

Place: Erkel Shínház Theater

Address: II. János Pál pápa square 30, Budapest

Dr. Krisztina Mészáros
Dr: Tamás Hacki
Guest of honor: Prof. Dr. Miklós Kásler
Moderator and organizer: Éva Bátori

Scientific lecture

Word and Voice – poems set to tunes – performed by young artists

The Magic Flute performance for children

Voice types – Great artists of the Opera House in the past and today

Aria Evening

Light music and classical music together


Contact person: Tamás Hacki, email




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