Alexandria • Annual Academic Congress of the ORL

April 9, 2014 – Alexandria

Annual Academic Congress
of the ORL/Phoniatrics/Audiology Department


Place: ORL/Phoniatrics/Audiology Department of the Alexandria University

ORL/Phoniatrics/Audiology experts and vocal performers


– Introduction of the importance of voice in daily and professional life as well as the artistic and cultural domains.
– Listening to the ailing voice; an audio-visual presentation of the characteristics of the ailing voice.
– Performances:
• Traditional ancient chants from the heritage of the Coptic Church of
• Recitation of Quranic verses following various classical Keys.
• Classical Arabic singing with Lute accompaniment.
• A recital “a cappella” by an amateur Soprano
– Selected number of professional voiced users, both speakers and singers, shall present their point of view of the challenges they meet in their vocal career.
– A presentation on the principles of voice hygiene advice.
– Open discussion with the audience and the media


Contact person: M. Nasser Kotby, email




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