Zingen met meer gemak

Date & time 16/04/2016, 10:00 – 17:00

City/place: Amsterdam

Venue/address: Tussen de bogen 67

Country: NL

Performer/s: Crystel Poetiray – vocal coach, speech therapist, authorized CVT teacher, dancer.

More info: Would you like to sing with more ease? Do know you there is more possible with your voice than you’re currently doing? – Because of my experience in singing, speaking, Complete Vocal Technique (complete vocal institute from Cathrine Sadolin – Copenhagen), Connective Tissue (vocal-yoga) and pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness we will work on more ease for you and your voice. With concrete exercises and notes you’ll get the possibility to sing (and speaking) with more ease, even after the workshops. So you can totally trust you. Besides one on one coaching in the afternoon, we’ll do a workshop with group exercises in the morning.

Wil jij met meer gemak zingen en weet je dat er meer mogelijk is dan je op dit moment kan? Met mijn achtergrond in logopedie, CVT, bindweefsel/fascia stretchen (denk aan stemyoga) en pragmatische tools van Acces Consciousness werken we aan thema’s die jou verder helpen, zodat je kan vertrouwen op wat jij inituitief weet!

Website: www.zangenlogopedie.nl

Contact person/s: Crystel Poetiray

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