World Voice Day video

Date & time 16/04/2016, 15:00 h

City/place: Winchester, VA

Venue/address: Studio

Country: US

Performer/s: Each year I give my SU students an assignment to post something in awareness of World Voice Day on their FB wall. They need to come up with something original and not just a small posts like “Take care of your voice!” or “Don’t smoke!” This is what they came up with this year! I am very proud of them! Here is the link to the youtube of their song – I’m All About That Voice!

More info: This action was promoted by the presence of 300 students and 4 teachers in the space of a library and outdoor areas (street). 2.000 brochures were distributed; guidance on voice care 147 people. Upon Flash mob were present at the bookstore 289 people (clients). The musical repertoire was made by students who drafted letters focusing on voice care. They were used as material for orientation: Posters, banners and Folders e flash mob songs.

Contact person/s: Edrie Means Weekly


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