Lecture: "Current issues of phoniatria"

Date & time 21/04/2016, 13.00

City/place: Lviv

Venue/address: M. Lviv, Conference hall of the hotel “Eurohotel” (str. Tershakovciv 6a)

Country: UA

Performer/s: Prof. O.O Kitsera , M.D Moskalyk O.E , M.D A.V. Tsymar , M.D. Barylyak A.A. Prof. Crook M.B.

More info: Joint meeting of the Lviv branch of the Ukrainian ENT Society on “Current issues of phoniatria” together with family doctors, teachers and students of the Lviv Conservatory. m. Lviv, 21.04 at 13.00 in the conference hall of the hotel “Eurohotel” (str. Tershakovciv 6a). The program is reports of members of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Lviv National Medical University named of Daniel Galician. The program of the meeting: Prof. O.O Kitsera “The voice in human life and its violation,” M.D Moskalyk O.E “Anatomy, physiology and methods examination of voice system “, M.D A.V. Tsymar “The use of nasal corticosteroid in violation of the resonant function of the nasal cavity in patients “voice” professions”, M.D. Barylyak A.A. “Benign tumors of the larynx,” Prof. Crook M.B. “The use of isotonic seawater for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases of the nasal cavity in patients “voice” professions.”

Website: www.audiovoice.kiev.ua

Contact person/s: Svitlana Yaremchuk

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